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Q- How do I have my tax prepared by Foothills Income Tax Services?

A-  At this time we are no longer offering sit in tax preparation service, however we are available for tax planning and consultations by phone, and email. Your tax information can be delivered to our office location, faxed, mailed or emailed.     



Q-I live in another state. Can you still prepare my taxes? 

A- With the advancement of technology, We are able to securely transfer personal information and prepare taxes for clients in all parts of the U.S.. We offer tax preparation for every state. We consult with our clients in person, by mail, over the phone, email and fax.


Q- Do you provide copies of tax returns?


A- All clients of F.I.T.S. receive a full copy of their tax return when it is completed. Copies can be in electronic or paper form. Additional copies are available upon request. Additional fees may be charged for printed copies.  




Q- What information do you need to prepare my taxes?

A-We always say "it is better to provide too much tax preparation information than not enough". The IRS is very good at detecting missing income, it is very important to provide us with everything including income statements, 1099s, 1098s, W-2s , year-end chart of account totals, identification and residency documents. Inform us about any income or deductions, even if you are not sure it should go on your tax return. If you are a new client to our firm, please have a copy of your prior filed tax return along with a depreciation schedule if applicable. Refer to our New Client Printable Organizer for more.  IRS tax return or account transcripts can be ordered here.

Q- How much do you charge?

A- It depends on what forms are filed and how complex your tax return is. Our fees start at $125.00 and go up depending on the complexity of your tax return. Consultations for existing clients are typically provided free of charge. At our discretion, an upfront fee may be requested for new clients.  If you are concerned about the fee you may be charged for our services please inquire prior for a no obligation quote.

Q- How do I pay for your services? 

A- Our tax service fees are due at the time of service. Unpaid tax returns will not be filed until all fees have been paid. We do not offer payment accounts however fees can be paid by checks, credit cards.

Q- How long will it take to prepare my taxes?

A- It depends on the complexity and how well organized your tax information is. In most cases when a tax return is dropped off it will be completed within 2 weeks, however it also depends on the time of year you drop off your information and how complete your tax information is. We make every attempt to accurately complete your tax preparation by the filing deadline, however tax return information dropped off after March 15th does not guarantee completion by the filing deadline. In this instance you will be contacted by us with other filing options.

Q-How long will it take to get my refund?

A-The IRS states most taxpayers will receive their tax refunds within 21 days. Direct deposit refunds typically arrive sooner than mailed checks. Taxpayers filing for a refundable tax credit such as an Earned Income Tax Credit, can experience longer waiting times.  Check on the status of your refunds and amended tax returns here. 

Q- What if I get an IRS letter?

A- Do not panic! Most IRS letters are computer generated for simple corrections and sometimes for missing income. Often we find letters were sent in error or the amounts calculated are incorrect. The IRS usually allows 30 days for a response and the deadline can often be extended with a simple phone call. If you receive a letter do not ignore it and do not simply pay the amount due without first consulting with us.

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